Home staging

Home staging

Need or simply want to sell faster and at the right price. I think that many of us find ourselves in situations where we can’t move forward with future projects because “we have to sell before ….. “. There are too many visits and few results!

Home staging does not consist of personalising the decoration, it is the opposite – the aim is to depersonalise the property, to give it a makeover and to optimise the assets of the house in order to make people fall in love with it in the first moments of the visit.

80% of visitors are unable to project themselves….. with home staging a property sells in 21 days on average.

Home staging

7 steps to follow to add value to a property:

  1. Clean up
  2. Small repairs
  3. De-cluttering
  4. De-personalize
  5. Rearrange
  6. Harmonise
  7. Enhance

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