Furniture makeover

Bringing your furniture back to life

Don’t throw away your old furniture!! Give it a second life!
Your old furniture is often a very high quality product, because old furniture was designed using traditional methods, and can easily live for several decades – even longer.

Often the wood used is noble (oak, walnut, pine and cherry etc).
It would therefore be a real shame to abandon them for a simple “out of date” look when it is possible to enhance them so that they continue to embellish your living space.

Relooking meubles

I repaint your furniture according to your request, your desires and your needs.
A photo of your furniture as well as its dimensions will be requested in order to judge the preparatory work that will be necessary.

The furniture will be relooked in my workshop – collection and delivery service included in the estimate.

Quote according to the service on request.

Before and After

Pine chest of drawers – before & after

Kitchen cabinet – before & after